Part 1 of however many this posts this ends up being:


I had previously started writing a much longer post going into further detail about all of the members of Trump’s cabinet. I had posted links to articles for further reading purposes on specific areas and gave much better and more well-rounded arguments to everything I was saying. However this draft was delete somehow – 2,500 or so words down the drain. I’m not going to go into as much detail this time around because I can’t be bothered. Still this should be a somewhat informative post giving a quick breakdown of each member of Trump’s cabinet and why I don’t like each and every one of them. I had previously gone into much more detail about these people and posted links to articles for futher reading but I’m not going to take the time to do all of that again. This really is a terrible post, but I don’t really care. I make a lot of weightless, one-sided arguments and I’m not going to pretend that I haven’t. Enjoy:

VICE-PRESIDENT – MIKE PENCE: The protest I went to on Monday night had a chant which sums up what should be done with him perfectly, “build a fucking fence around Mike Pence!” As governor of Indiana he signed every single piece of abortion restrictive legislation that came across his desk in the last 4 years. Going back a few years for this next one, but I think it’s important: In 1990 when running for congress, Mike Pence used $13,000 of campaign funds for personal reasons, including helping to cover golf tournament fees. He lost the election by a very large margin, largely due to this scandal. This wasn’t illegal at the time so he wasn’t imprisoned but because of him this was subsequently made illegal.

SECRETARY OF STATE – REX TILLERSON: The equivalent position to the Foreign Secretary in the UK. As in the man in charge of foreign policy.

The man who has a close personal and business relationship with Vladamir Putin. The former CEO of ExxonMobil who has clear financial motivation to lift the sanctions the US placed on Russia after their occupation of Crimea. He has no experience in politics and diplomacy and is now in charge of foreign affairs. Which means he’s somehow a worse pick for this position in the US than Boris Johnson is for ours.

SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY – STEVEN MNUCHIN: The head of the Deparment of the Treasury, which concerns all financial and monetary matters in the US.

The former partner at Goldman Sachs, who has managed several hedge funds over the years and has many close ties to wall street. He has criticised Dodd-Frank and says he wants to restrict it, meaning that there will be less restrictions placed on Wall Street. He has also made an absolute fortune by foreclosing people’s homes in California through OneWest Bank. I don’t really understand the way in which he profited from doing this but the evidence shows that he did. There is also clear evidence that a lot of the ways in which OneBank went about foreclosing these homes are illegal. He has now lied to the Senate Finance Comittee and stated that OneWest didn’t partake in any rob-signing (illegal signing) of mortgage documents, when there’s evidence that he did. He is a clear example of Wall Street greed and having him be in charge of regulating Wall Street is like leaving a dingo in charge of your baby (to completely steal a joke from John Oliver).

SECRETARY OF DEFENSE – JAMES MATTIS: The secretary of defense is the second in command (to the President) concerning all things military in the US.

General James “Mad Dog” Mattis is maybe the least terrible choice out of all of Trump’s cabinet. He actually has experience in the field he’s going into, having served as Commander of the United States Central Command (CUSC) among other military positions. However he has a deep-rooted hatred of Iran, largely in line with the rest of the US marines thoughts of the country. He has stated on more than one occasion that the three biggest threats facing the US are “Iran, Iran and Iran.” His hatred of Iran is the reason that Obama removed him from his position as CUSC and if he continues to flaunt around these views it could cause yet more unrest in the Middle East. Specifically with the Iranian nuclear deal that was signed last year, which Trump has already threatened to tear up – Mattis could help push him into making this threat a reality. Although this is a worrying thought, I still believe he’s not as terrible a pick as some of the others in Trump’s cabinet as he actually has previous experience in this field of work.

ATTORNEY GENERAL – JEFF SESSIONS: The Attorney General is the head of the United States Department of Justice and is essentially the chief lawyer of the US Government.

Jeff Sessions has responded to accusations of being racist by saying that his children went to “integrated schools” and that he’d “shared a hotel room with a black attorney several times”. Which is several steps beyond posting a picture of you with a black person or claiming you have black friends. He has also joked that he thought the KKK were alright until he found out a lot of the members smoked weed. This goes to show how he doesn’t understand how terrible race relations are in the US and the way in which drug policy should change and develop. He has stated that he is “a big fan of the DEA”, so that means that the war on drugs isn’t going to end any time soon despite clear and persistent evidence that it has failed and is causing harm to America. He is also anti-abortion and believes that marriage exists between a man and a woman. So there’s going to be no progression in any of those areas. He is also extremely anti-immigration and it is said that Trump’s taken a lot of inspiration from Sessions in his immigration policy. This last paragraph has been a little preachy, terribly written and lacked any real evidence to back up any of my claims but if you look up this man you can find it all out very easily for yourself. You will also find out about a court case to do with voter fraud in the 1980s which I don’t really understand the ramifications of, but it has a lot to do with restricting black people from voting. This man is extremely dangerous and has been on the fringes for years due to be doing too conservative for mainstream politics, until this administration…


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